Tips from top contributors: A special approach to portrait photography

Portrait photography requires a unique approach. Photographers have their ways of photographing portraits. They also have their strategies for making models feel comfortable and breaking the ice.

It cannot be easy to venture into portrait photography for these reasons. It is not easy to work with people and share your vision. We talked with three of our top portrait photographers today to learn more about their work, how they approach portrait photography, and any tips they would like to share.

How can you decide what to concentrate on, what to show in photos and what style?

Anastasia Kazakova

“I was always attracted to perfection, the best version of the person I worked with. They prefer the light that is more flattering to their faces and makeup that doesn’t change but highlights something about them. So, I try to get to know my model better while doing makeup. This makes it much easier to mount the light.


“It’s easy to focus on the subject of a photo because I enjoy what I do. I like to make new friends and communicate with people. This is why I choose to photograph people. It’s also something I enjoy, diverse clothing and fashion styling.

A lot of your photos are studio shots. What are the advantages of shooting in such an environment?

Anastasia Kazakova

“Control. “Control.


“I like to make studio lighting look like natural sunlight. It makes my models look more beautiful.” It’s easy to get dressed up in a studio and listen to our favorite music.

How can you make models feel comfortable while on set?

Anastasia Kazakova

Treat them as friends. Many of them became my friends because of this. We can have a good time and talk about any topic.


“I believe my models are comfortable with me because they like to talk, joke around, and tell funny stories about themselves. I also pay attention to their lives and learn about their plans and dreams.

What secrets can you use to get natural-looking photos of people? How can you capture genuine emotions in photos taken in a studio setting?

Anastasia Kazakova

“It’s important to treat people the same way you would want to be treated. It might be easier for me because I am a psychologist. Although I have not worked in this field, I have studied psychology for five years. A big smile and good music can make you feel more at ease.


“Like what I’ve said, I am interested in the lives and opinions of my models. I try to get to know them.” They seem to like me, and they do their best to follow my instructions.”

It is different to shoot in a studio than on location. We asked the HalfPoint team to share their experiences with portrait shooting and working with models.

What is the most important thing about a photo shoot? Please give us your insider tips.

“When we photograph, it’s a joy to be with people. We find it more enjoyable than photographing still images of objects or country scapes. It is important to capture the right feeling, the right atmosphere. We strive to make models feel as comfortable as possible. The photoshoot is not just a job but also an enjoyable experience. Talk to models, and we cooperate. Show them photos and ask them how they feel about the situation.

How can you make models feel at ease on set?

Group shots can be difficult to organize. It is nice to get to know the people in your group. It’s important to help them as much as possible.

How can you shoot large groups of children and people? What are the most difficult challenges?

“Kids make a special part of our lives. They are a big part of our shoots. They must feel that the activity they are doing is enjoyable. It would be best if you listened to their needs. Sometimes, you need to stop and listen to them.

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