Luminar 3: Edit your Images at Warp Speed

Luminar 3 is a comprehensive image editing program. It includes tools that can cut five minutes off every photo. That’s a total of 50 minutes saved per 10 photos. Think about what you could accomplish with this extra time.

Luminar 3 is fast and has many more features. It also has powerful artificial intelligence and Image Aware filters.

Luminar 3 is a great tool for creating the best edits quickly, regardless of whether you are shooting lifestyle, food, or object images.

What makes Luminar 3 different from other image-editing software? Let’s take a look at the top 10 advantages:

Adaptive User Interface

Luminar 3 is for everyone, regardless of their skill level. It allows users to work in the way that they like. This program allows you to quickly and efficiently edit your files or improve your workflow using your professional skills.

  • You can now find photos and add them to the Library.
  • This version also includes a Quick & Awesome Workspace. It allows you to edit images quickly and produces professional-quality results in less than 10 seconds. You can also use 51 image enhancement filters to correct and refine image issues.

Accent AI

Accent AI is Artificial intelligence at its best and most impressive!

  • You can instantly improve your photo’s colour, tone, detail, and depth.
  • New preset Looks now include Accent AI for quick one-click adjustments
  • Accent AI is now available in the built-in Workspaces, so you don’t need to search for it.

Luminar 3 offers unique adjustments that you won’t find on any other image editor.

Luminar 3 offers adjustments you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Smart Tone: Refine exposure without changing colour or vibrancy.
  • Sun Rays Filter – This filters out the sun and adds volumetric lighting. It creates natural-looking light beams in an image. Smart masking allows light to pass through trees and wrap around people or objects.
  • Matte Look Filter – This popular style uses flat colours with high contrast. This filter can be used to create a specific atmosphere.
  • The Orton Effect: This filter was created by Michael Orton. It adds glow and focuses on giving it a sharp yet soft look.
  • Golden Hour: This adjustment adds a warm-toned sun effect to your image. It mimics the Look you get when the sun is low on the horizon, such as before sunrise or sunset.

Adaptive Luminar Looks & Creative LUTs

Luminar’s Looks lets you visual browse the best style and corrections, so why spend your time scrolling through a list?

  • After you have selected your Look, adjust the Amount slider.
  • Looks can also be used as a starting point to make your adjustments. You can save your Looks for future reference.
  • Add professional-grade LUT files for colour grading or achieving different effects on film stock (lookup tables).
  • Skylum Marketplace has hundreds of LUTs and Looks.

Professional RAW File Editing

The RAW Develop Engine in Luminar 3 is incredibly fast and precise. It also supports negative digital files (DNG) and RAW images of all the well-known camera brands.

  • Advanced DNG support for HDR RAW files and merged panoramic images. You can also modify profiles that you have already created.
  • Luminar’s RAW engine has a superior dynamic range to other RAW image processing systems. The RAW Engine can extract more detail from the highlights and shadows while achieving higher contrast ratios.
  • Luminar 3 doesn’t have any problems with lens distortion. It automatically corrects your lens based on the recommendations of your camera.

The Library Panel

You can organize, browse and rate your images. Additionally, you can add images to folders from external ugc hard disks and cloud storage.

  • You can quickly group images by year, month, or day to find the images you are looking for – great for stock image organizing.
  • Luminar 3 syncs to your drives for a well-organized and up-to-date library.
  • Batch editing is also possible. You can also batch edit. This allows you to change one image and then sync it to multiple images. This saves time and ensures consistency across all images within a set.
  • For added security, you can back up your library database.

100% Nondestructive Editing

Advanced users may be able to use layers, blending modes and brushes. However, beginners can benefit from one-click presets that are easy to use for those just starting.

  • Luminar 3, regardless of how you edit, offers a non-destructive workflow that will allow you to keep your original images intact.
  • Even destructive processes such as erasing or cloning are preserved on a separate layer to ensure that the original pixels are not altered.
  • The History panel can track your adjustments and perform multiple Undo actions in the event of a mistake.
  • You can access your editing history in the Luminar Library immediately to return to it at a later time (even years later!) You can either pick up from where you left off or make immediate changes.
  • Edits are instantly saved to the editing database. No more wasting time-saving or feeling frustrated about lost work.

You can make precise adjustments without making any selections.

Luminar 3 offers a wide range of Aware Image Filters that allow you to achieve amazing results in seconds. These filters will help you save time. This is especially important when you are editing hundreds of stock photos. Luminar makes it easy to save time and get out there again to shoot more images.

  • AI Sky Enhancer: This filter analyses the images and makes intelligent adjustments. It masks the image to adjust only the sky.
  • Foliage Enhancer: Enhances vivid colours in plants and leaves naturally.
  • Details Enhancer: This is great for adding drama and sharpness to your images without the need for artefacts or halos.
  • Split Color Warmth is a technique that targets and adjusts to the warm and cool tones within an image. This is great for creating unique split colours and enhancing colour contrast.
  • Advanced Contrast: Six controls are available to adjust the tonal contrast. This covers highlights, shadows, and midtones for more detailed images.


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