Photographing Creatively with a Smartphone

You can expect to return with an entire archive of amazing¬†travel¬†photos from your trip, whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer. These photos will be perfect for your Instagram and portfolio.

Many photographers carry large cameras and pack their gear in backpacks to fulfill these goals. While some photographers opt for mirrorless cameras to save space, a smartphone can be more than enough to capture professional images. Why? It turns out that the new iPhones, Google Pixels and Huawei phones are so advanced that you can afford to use your phone only for photography experiments.

These travel photography tips will help you plan your next trip.

Tips for taking great photos with your smartphone

Get to know your smartphone.

It may seem insignificant, but the best way to travel photos like a professional photographer is to get to know your phone.

If you are going on a long trip or before taking off, make sure to check the settings of your smartphone’s camera. What modes does it offer? Is it capable of manually adjusting the shutter speed or exposure? Is it possible to shoot raw? These features give you an idea of the types of shots possible with a smartphone camera without carrying around a lot of gear.

Most smartphones are comparable to mirrorless and DSLR cameras in terms of settings and capabilities. This gives you more control over what you see. This allows you to quickly determine when to travel light and whether you need more advanced equipment.

Stabilize your smartphone

A tripod or stabilizer is necessary for many reasons. It makes your images sharper. You can also use it to take panoramic photos with ease. Even more amazing, a tripod or stabilizer can be used to capture unusual angles and create more cinematographic travel images.

Although you will need to bring along more gear, the result is that you’ll notice a difference in images taken with a tripod or a smartphone and in those shot without, especially in low-light situations.

Finish the basics of composition

Although it may seem like the easy part, this is just the beginning of the process. You need to improve your composition skills to take your travel photography one step further.

The golden ratio rule will help find the right subject, and symmetry will enhance your work with elegance and thought. It’s important to understand how smartphone photography can be broken. Any rules don’t bind the most original travel images.

Use burst mode

Attention to the burst mode on your camera. It is a great solution for travel photographers looking to capture action shots.

You can’t guarantee that the shutter will be pressed when a subject is moving. You know you can get the shot. Burst mode can be your friend in this situation. You can instantly snap a dozen photos, and you have a whole series of options.

Clean your camera lens

One rule that photography is not supposed to be broken is the need to clean your lenses. You can’t clean your lenses with a T-shirt or a napkin on the table. Use a soft cloth to clean the lens. This will improve the image’s appearance.

Every time you take a photograph, make it a habit of cleaning your camera lens. Your images will have a sharpness and contrast that they don’t have before.

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