You can try indoor and outdoor spring photography ideas in 2022

Both amateur and professional photographers find spring magical. It is possible to take more outdoor photos in spring because the daylight hours are getting longer. We are also witnessing rapid and exciting changes in nature, such as melting snows and blossoming buds and greening of grass.

Each spring day is different, but how do you make your spring photos stand out if so many photographers are trying to capture the same spring moments each year?

Depositphotos challenges traditional spring compositions and shooting angles. This article will provide spring photography tips that allow you to exercise creativity, improve your professional skills, and enhance your stock portfolio by taking incredible shots.

Spring photography classics

Iconic spring colors

Warm and sunny palettes , colors of green, yellow and orange, as well as pinks and grounded colors like beige

Spring Symbols

Flowers, birds, birdhouses, greens valleys and insects, gardening and spring holidays (Internationa Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Mother’s Day), special clothing (rubber boots and raincoats), bike trips

Spring photos on Demand at Depositphotos

Flat lay with spring themes, spring backgrounds featuring spring flowers and spring attributes (clothing, accessories), outdoor portraits and spring greeting cards.

Outdoor and Indoor Spring Photography Ideas

#1 Choose your spring hero

In spring, birds migrate north to breed, and wild animals emerge from hibernation. In April and May, the lifecycles of insects and fish begin. This means that you can choose from various models to shoot your photos. Additionally, they all look the best in spring because they search for a partner.

We recommend you consult your local wildlife guide to learn about the habits of your future subject for your photoshoots. Feed is preparation for bringing it near your camera and branches and leaves to cover your lens.

#2 Tell spring stories

Tell the story about a trip that sharp object from your house made this spring. It could be a childhood toy or an old typewriter that belonged to your grandfather. You should plan your trip but allow for some flexibility.

Play with scales and choose a background that contrasts with the object you have taken from the home. These visual juxtapositions can make your photos more interesting and expressive. Try putting unexpected objects in front instead of traditional spring compositions like flowering tree branches against a blue sky.

#3 Use macro photography for turning leaves into trees

Macro photography allows us to see the world differently and fall in love. Many visually appealing things are associated with spring: blue skies and bright flowers, dewy leaves, birds nesting under your eaves, and many other beautiful things. Use a macro lens to capture the beauty of these natural phenomena, then share your photos to captivate your audience.

Here are some ideas: Take photos of branches, leaves and flowers to create fairy-tale forests; capture water droplets on young leaves, look like constellations in the night skies; make mountains out of tree bark and moss.

#4 Spring Showers Photography

Maybe we don’t enjoy the rain as much in spring. With its rolling thunder and beautiful lightning, the first spring storm reminds us just how small we are compared to the raging elements.

Night photography is an interesting genre. We encourage you to try it at least once. You will get not only stunning shots but also an unforgettable experience. You should be aware of safety precautions. Do not stand under a tree in the middle of a field to watch a storm.

Although spring showers are less dangerous than other natural phenomena, they can still be very interesting for photographers. You should protect your camera and take off to search for the perfect drops that fall on the river’s surface, the people walking barefoot along the streets, and the reflections of spring in the puddles.

#5 Go gardening

The most popular symbols for spring are buds on branches, young shoots and sprouts that weave through the ground. You can be the one to document the birth of a new year, but also the one to generate all the wonders of nature. You can plant some plants in your garden, or on your windowsills at home. Then you can observe the daily changes of these plants through your camera lens.

#6 Spring Wallpapers Based on Studio Portraits and Flat Lays

Let spring visit your studio if you are interested in studio photography, food photography, or still life photography. We have listed several options.

You can first try working in a studio with light from your windows (in spring, it could be sunrise, sunset or lunch light). The trees under your window slightly alter the shade of the light. You can also make spring photos more charming by using natural decors such as flower petals, whole buds, and leaves in different shapes.

Accessories associated with spring are another way to make your studio photos more expressive and full-of-spring videos. Spring coats, scarves and rubber boots are some examples.

Wrapping up

Photographers have new opportunities in spring, regardless of their type of photography. Photographers who are wildlife enthusiasts can capture the awakening of nature. Traditional gastronomic compositions can be enhanced with flowers and leaves by food photographers. Photographers of portraits use natural lighting to experiment in their studio windows.

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