Staying Photo-Ready: 12 Photography Trends for 2022

Trend-awareness is a way for photographers to understand their clients better and helps marketers find stock material that will make them stand out from the rest. They can also find common ground with their target audience.

This year has seen many changes in photography and other areas of our lives. Many of these changes are due to global lockdowns. A new twist on self-portraits and drone photography. Still, life is another example. There are exceptions. AI-powered editing and photography are a result of the natural evolution in technology.

We’ve compiled 12 key trends in photography for 2021. These trends can guide new ideas, impress customers and boost visual communication.

12 Creative Photography Trends to Watch in 2021

#1 Masks are all around

Since the beginning of last year, accessories such as respirators and medical masks have been introduced to our wardrobes. Many designs are available for these items, whether you’re shopping at the supermarket or on the streets. It has become a source of information about the wearer and a symbol for time. Photographers use masks as creative tools.

#2 Vertical images can be shifted

The pandemic has accelerated certain processes already in place in tech and marketing. Mobile devices are now more popular than desktop computers when accessing the Internet. An eCommerce brand should have both a mobile-oriented site and an app by 2021. Mobile-first is also the norm for key social networks like TikTok and Instagram. This has led to a demand for vertical photography.

#3 Growing Interest in Nature

This trend was named Solace in Nature in the 2022 Visual Trend Report. It implies that nature can heal us in these difficult times. Recent statistics confirmed our hypothesis. Depositphotos customers began to buy images of nature more frequently over the past few months.

Photographers have a lot to choose from in the category of nature photography. Although portrait photography is not an option for many countries because of quarantine restrictions, it is possible to capture nature.

#4 Selfies and family portraits. Small community shooting

Photographers are finding it difficult to find subjects during these months. It would be best to be careful when organizing a photo shoot in a studio or outdoors. This can take time and make it difficult for photographers. You can also use your family members, friends, pets, and neighbors as models if you are looking to create visual portraits regularly.

#5 A nostalgic outlook

People love to capture time with photography. We all have photos from our childhoods that bring back fond memories and inspire us to share them.

Generations Y and Z are well-known for their interest in the past decade (particularly the 60s and 80s). Modern advertising, cinema and fashion already reflect this. Pictures that reflect the aesthetics from the past are gaining popularity.

#6 AI-powered editing photography

Most photo stock clients (or those who work directly alongside a photographer) can’t tell the difference between a photograph that has been processed using machine learning and one that has been processed using a neural net. This is why AI is important for us: AI helps artists save time and effort on repetitive operations that don’t require creativity.

#7 Changing angles using drones

Aerial photography is still in fashion and growing in popularity. This is a great way for photographers to avoid the social distancing rule. It’s even more amazing because technology becomes cheaper over time. Professional drones for photoshoots are now becoming more affordable. Aerial photography is rapidly developing. The list of ‘drone’ types was extended to include aerial fashion, sports and wedding photography.

#8 Authenticity is a dominant force

It is hard to define authenticity. This conclusion was reached while compiling the 2021 visual communication trends list. A competition was also created to promote authentic photography in 2021. We did not ask artists to submit any specific images, but we asked them to describe authenticity.

This question can have a different answer than others. We believe everyone can agree that authenticity in photography is better than over-edited and staged images.

#9 Puzzle still exists

Artists were motivated to experiment with still life photography because of the restrictions of photographing people. They started to look at the world from a new perspective and created unique visuals. Macro photography has been a popular choice.

Still-life photography has seen the trend towards minimalism for many years. This allows us to create abstract and surrealistic compositions and flat lays, which can be used as backgrounds or main images by Depositphotos clients.

#10 Women’s photography and diversity

For a long as the trend towards variety in creative photography has been present. Depositphotos is seeing a growing demand for images that show people of all ages, skin types, cultures, health, and genders participating in business, sport, or personal activities. Advertising, which often features diverse individuals, reflects this trend.

Stock photos of smiling women are a popular choice. Images of women have changed significantly over the years, with stereotypes being a thing of the passé. The most promising themes in photography today are body positivity and female empowerment.

#11 Ode to Colors

Colored photography is more optimistic than black and white. Warm but not aggressive, color palettes can make audiences feel confident, safe, and optimistic. According to Depositphotos, Symbols of Optimism rank first on the list of visual communication trends. These symbols include not only the objects that you are photographing but also their colors. For example, Pantone’s Colors of the Year are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Brave Ground is Dulux’s Color of the year.

#12 Documenting activism

Millennials value proactive attitudes and social activism as the most important values. Society is highly divided into protecting nature, equality, protests against animal exploitation, and the zero-waste movement. Modern brands cannot promote themselves without stating their social purpose. Activists, media, and brands all need images to address social issues.

Wrapping up

Photography trends are a great way to see what is important for brands and their customers today. These trends are a great way to develop your photography ideas and strengthen your portfolio.

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