18 Photoshop Shortcuts to Speed up Your Workflow

Choose the hand tool

  • Hockey is the shortcut

You can use the Hand tool to zoom in and out on a zoomed image. It can be used to inspect for blemishes and sharpness and move between the image’s ends.

Click on the Zoom button

  • The Z key is the shortcut

Zoom in on your file with one click using the Zoom tool. It can be used to inspect your file’s quality and verify that composited areas are placed realistically.

Screen fit

  • The shorthand: Ctrl/Cmd+ 0

This simple command will fit your photo onto the screen. You can then view the entire image and see your editing progress.

Choose the Brush tool

  • The B key is the shortcut

The Brush Tool allows you to dodge and burn, add artificial colours, and mask edits. It can be used to adjust specific parts of your photos.

Undo an edit

  • The shorthand: Ctrl/CmdZ

Everybody makes little mistakes. You can use the Undo command for correcting errors such as a wrong brush stroke or a clone job that went wrong.

Show and hide your palettes

  • The Tab key is the shortcut

Sometimes the interface of Photoshop can become too complicated. To hide all palettes, press the Tab key. This will allow you to focus on the image that you are editing. It will also give you more space to work.

Reduce the brush size

  • The key is the shortcut

You’ll need to reach tighter areas when using the Brush tool. To shrink the Brush size, tap the [ key.

The brush size can be increased

  • The key is the shortcut

This is the opposite of the Photoshop shortcut mentioned above. Tap the [ key to increasing the Brush size. Use the Brush to paint large areas of your photo.

Reduce the brush softness

  • The shorthand: Shift[].

You need a tougher brush to mask fine edges. This command will increase the hardness of your Brush edge by 25%

Increase the brush softness

  • The shorthand: Shift[

Use a soft brush to mask rough edges. This command will instantly increase the softness by 25%

Adjust the tool opacity

  • The shortcut is 0to 1 (the numerical keys).

You may want to adjust the opacity of the Clone Stamp Tool brush tool for subtle or not-so-subtle effects. To adjust the opacity, press the number keys. You will get a multiple of 10 by pressing one number (4 for a 40% opacity) while pressing two numbers quickly will give you an exact value (4then 3for a 43 opacity)

Adjust the flow of tools

  • The shortcut is Shift0. to 1. (the numerical keys).

It works the same as the opacity shortcut, but you must hold down the Shift key. You can subtly dodge, burn, or paint a light mask.

Choose the next point in a Curves graph

  • The shortcut is Ctrl/Cmdtab

You can adjust the Curves graph by placing multiple points. You may have trouble clicking on a point you want to adjust, but you can still place it. Using the arrow keys, you can use this shortcut to jump to the next point and adjust the position.

Use the dialogue box to create a new layer

  • The shorthand: Ctrl/CmdShift_ N

Do you want to create a new layer quickly? This shortcut will immediately bring up the New Layer dialogue box. Here you can modify the layer and add a layer to the top of the active layer.

You can create a new layer without the dialogue box

  • The shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Opt+Shift+N

You can skip the dialogue box for layer creation and use this command to place the new layer directly on top.

Copy the merged layers

The shortcut is Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+C

These keys can be used to copy multiple layers to your clipboard. A merged copy will be sent to your clipboard. You can then paste it into another layer or file.

The command will only work if you make a selection (use Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all); otherwise, you’ll get nothing.

All layers visible should be stamped

  • The shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Opt+Shift+E

This command will copy all layers visible, merge them and add them to your layer stack. This command is similar to the copy-merge command, but it places the copied layer directly in your layer stack.

All Photoshop keyboard shortcuts shown

  • The shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Opt+Shift+K

Are you worried that you might forget one of these shortcuts? Don’t be! This simple command will bring up the keyboard shortcut Help dialogue. It displays all shortcuts Photoshop has to offer.

Photoshop shortcuts: Last words

These shortcuts are hopefully useful and easy to remember. These shortcuts are easy to remember and incorporate into your workflow.

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