Ten challenges to improve your photography eye

#1: At breakfast, arrange your plate, coffee, cutlery, bread etc. It should be arranged in a way that you feel will look the best. Consider lighting, composition, and colour. Repeat this for a week to help your mind see things differently every day.

#2: Go on a stroll around your city without a camera and search for photographic opportunities. Before you pick up your camera, the ability to capture great photographs begins. It is important first to see it.

#3: Look for lines that improve perspective in an open area (beach or park, football field). Do you see natural lines such as a row or tide line in the sand or manufactured lines such as gutters, streets, and lamps?

Imagine how you would photograph it once you have found a linear effect. What would you do? Would the line be in the corner or down the middle of the frame?

Linear effects can be great for adding perspective to your imagery and directing the viewer to where they should look.

#4: Find the light. Lighting depends on the style you choose, but beautiful light can make a big difference for travel photography. Please find the best time to photograph warm afternoon light in your local area and find locations that can soak it all.

#5: Go to a place you are familiar with, such as work, the supermarket or a national park. You don’t need to think too much about how you capture the scene in just one photo. Spend five minutes looking through the photo and thinking about what you can do to improve it. What are you looking at? Try a different angle. You could look up, down, or with something in front of you to capture the feeling of the place. It’s amazing how different photos can look when you think about their composition.

#6: Get a friend or family member to act as your model for 30 minutes. You can use them as a subject to take ten photos with a unique composition. You don’t have to take a photo of someone. It’s possible to hide them behind a tree to show only their legs. Let them walk in the sun so that the warm glow covers their bodies. There are many possibilities. Make sure you review your photos and look for improvements.

#7: Use a simple object, such as a water bottle, and place it on a flat surface against a blank wall. This will encourage you to see the object more than just a boring bottle. It also allows you to capture the object to stand out despite its bland surroundings. Is there any light shining in the bottle? It is possible to focus on the top of the bottle and shoot downwards. Or, frame the image using the table edge as blurred foreground.

#8: Go through your holiday photos. Write down suggestions for improving each shot. Every shot, even one of you at dinner or standing in front of a famous landmark, can be improved or taken differently.

#9: Take a day to wander around your city with your camera, taking pictures of whatever interests you. It would be best if you captured as many scenes as you could, whether they were a shop window or a parked vehicle.

#10: Create a photo idea and plan your first location shoot. It’s a great way for you to improve your photographic eye.

Follow all the steps or just a few to improve your photography skills.

Your travel photos will stand out from the thousands of others by showing a unique view of the world. You will start to appreciate and see the details in each place by shooting scenes with a more creative approach.

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