How Do You Prepare for a Pre Wedding Shoot?

A pre wedding shoot checklist? You read it correctly! Although your wedding planning checklist has many more important items to consider, you must also plan your pre-wedding shoot. You don’t want your romantic film to be ruined by last-minute hassles or other issues. How about creating a checklist that will help you plan your pre-wedding from selecting the location, to hiring makeup artists, and photographers.

Are you unsure where to start? Well, fret not!

Checklist for Pre-Wedding Shoot Before The Shoot

1. Pick a Pre-Wedding Location

This is an important aspect to think about before you begin planning your pre-wedding shoot. Also, consider deciding your BUDGET. Your pre-wedding location will largely depend on how much you can afford. Some people may prefer to have a destination shoot before their wedding, while others may choose to do it locally.

After you have chosen or shortlisted locations, verify if they are available on a chargeable basis or for free. It is important to remember to make all necessary bookings, including travel arrangements to the destination and booking the venue.

2. Hiring a Pre-Wedding Photographer

Another important item on your checklist for pre-wedding shoots is hiring a professional photographer. It is important to choose your photographer carefully as he can make or break your pre-wedding shoot.

3. Book a Makeup Artist

A MUA will be able to create stunning looks for your pre-wedding outfits. To avoid any hassle, make sure to book your MUA at least two months in advance of your pre-wedding shoot. Don’t forget to schedule a trial and discuss the look you want, including hairstyles.

4. Book your Manicure Session

For the photoshoot, make sure you have your nails neat and tidy. Many pre-wedding pictures include close shots of the couple holding hands and the rings. Neglecting to manicure your nails could cause you to miss important shots.

5. Always have a backup plan

Be prepared for the worst. In case of bad weather or other unfavorable circumstances, you should have a backup plan.

6. Select Your Outfits

Your pre-wedding shoot checklist would not be complete without at least 3-4 pairs of outfits for the bride and groom. Your outfits should be in sync with the theme and setting of your pre-wedding shoot.

ShaadiWish Tip Visit your pre-wedding photographer to discuss your theme. This will allow you to shop for the right outfits.

7. Make sure you have all your props ready before you go

You should make a list of props that will go with the theme of your pre-wedding shoot. These props can be rented or bought days in advance so you don’t have to worry about them on the day.

8. Plan Your Pre Wedding Shoot Poses

Instead of having your photographer tell you how to do awkward or cheesy couple poses, try some new poses with your BAE. If you’re camera shy, it can be helpful to practice these shots beforehand with your BAE so you feel more confident the day of the shoot.

Checklist for the Day of The Shoot

Even if you have done all the planning ahead of your wedding, it is possible to forget something on the day. The following items should be included in your pre-wedding shoot location.

1. Matching Jewellery and Accessories

Jewellery and matching accessories are essential to enhance your style. You should have earrings, bracelets and necklaces to match your outfits.

2. Facial Blotter and Wet Tissues

Due to the ]tons of retakes, and various couple poses that you will need to keep doing, you’ll be sure to sweat. You can get some relief by having wet tissues and facial blotters at your side.

3. Mini Makeup Kit

Your makeup artist will bring her makeup kit with her. However, you should also have the basics of makeup with you.

4. Safety pins and hair pins

To avoid unfortunate situations, always keep safety pins and hairpins on hand.

5. First-Aid Kit

It can be exhausting to shoot pre-wedding. An unexpected headache or other minor health problems can cause a halt to your photoshoot. A small first aid kit with basic medication would be useful in providing immediate relief.

6. Comfortable slippers

You will need to be able to walk long distances in outdoor photography so bring a slipper or comfort shoe.

7. Straws and snacks that are easy to eat

Don’t forget to bring snacks if you have a shoot that lasts more than three hours. You will feel more energetic to pose after eating the snacks. Don’t forget your water supply during the shoot. P.S. P.S.

To make your pre-wedding shoot unforgettable, follow this checklist!

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